Evistr audio recorder disk error fix

This is Amanda! I do comedy! I also care about computers.

I had a tech issue and I couldn’t find an answer on google. Maybe I’m the first person to have this issue, but I doubt it. I’m certainly not going to be the last. So, since I figured it out, I’ll post this and maybe some day it will save someone else some time.

I have an Evistr L36 audio recorder. There’s a slot for a micro SD card, but the device has a built in 16gb hard drive.

I needed a small hard drive for something else, so I reformatted it and used it for my other project.

When I finished, I went into disk utility (I’m on a mac) and reformatted it, hoping for the device to go back to its intended purpose, but every time I turned it on, it just displayed Disk error! I tried resetting it, but nothing changed. The manual just said “For Disk Error, reformat on Windows computer.” I’m on a mac.

I had to reformat it a few times before I figured out the right settings, and here they are:

if you have an EVISTR L36 digital voice recorder that’s showing “Disk Error”, to format it back to its original settings, go to disk utility, for Name put in “USB DISK” (I don’t know if this is necessary, but this was the name of the disk before I first formatted it, back when it worked). Under Format, select MS-DOS (FAT). Below that, for Scheme, select Master Boot Record.

Run the reformat, unmount the device, turn it on, and it should be working. Make sure you correct your time and date!