Tech services


  • API integration
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Technical support
  • Training programs
  • Google Suite integration
  • Google Apps Script*


  • W3 Javascript
  • W3 HTML
  • W3 CSS

My business cards say “Freelance Tech Consultant,” and my therapist says I should pursue that. So, if you need help with technology, here is some information about what I can do.

It’s difficult to compile all of this, because there’s a lot of advanced technical stuff I can do that sounds like complete nonsense to folks who aren’t spending all their time in the tech world. Sadly, this puts off a lot of people, so I’ll try to hold off on the jargon.

Technology – even advanced technology – is for everyone, and just because you haven’t learned how to use it yet doesn’t mean it’s too late for you. Many people who don’t use the internet simply don’t know what all it can do for them, and if you first tried using the internet in the mid 90’s, it would be totally understandable that you would say “All this waiting for a regular article and a grainy photo? No thanks, I’ll just read the newspaper.”

But if you’re reading this, you know how to use the internet. Go you!

I think one of the biggest problems that keeps people from feeling comfortable with technology is the basic assumption that they can’t do any of it. For example, any time I start talking to my mom about tech stuff, my mom starts with “I don’t get it” and ends with “You know I can’t do any of this stuff.” But really, she can! We both just have to be patient.

*Google Apps Script is a wild animal with whom I’ve fallen madly in love. I taught myself how to use Javascript using GAS, and I actually use programs I’ve created every day. I can’t explain everything it can do here, but to start with, I’ll say this: ANY repetitive task can be automated.