Procreate has a new(ish) feature that lets you draw in symmetrical patterns. I love it. Here’s one fun mandala I did.

Project FART: How Ads Work

My study about Fake Ad Results from Twitter (project FART) continues. Data from Twitter’s reports is unreliable, and data from their API fails occasionally as well. But here’s a little background:

The way I have my ads set up is that my “objective” is to get followers, and so that’s all I pay for. So, Twitter shows my ad, but I don’t get charged for it just to show up. I don’t get charged if someone likes or retweets it – I only have to pay if someone follows me. How much does it cost per follow? That’s a very sticky subject given the questionable integrity of Twitter’s numbers, but it varies, and over time it’s averaged around $.82 per follower. It depends on the time of day, who else is buying ads, etc.

Anyway: when you set up an ad with Twitter, you put in a daily budget. My daily budget for this ad is $10, and so that means Twitter shows my ads until people click and follow me enough that I hit that $10 cap – and then Twitter stops showing the ads. So, theoretically, if I make an ad and nobody follows from it, it would get shown endlessly and I would not be charged. But something tells me they wouldn’t let that happen.

This is a screenshot of the only info Twitter provides about how many people have seen your ads and what you’re being charged for. (Not very detailed, if you ask me.) “Impressions” means the number of times the ad was shown, follows, likes, etc. are all pretty self explanatory. “Spend” is the amount I was charged in a given hour, and “cost per follow” is the average cost for each follower gained during that hour.

Today’s Discrepancy

These are some of the notifications I got earlier today about my ad tweet. I made sure to include the time stamp on this image – if you look, you’ll see that all the alerts about those ads occurred within the last hour, so they should show up in Twitter’s data for the 5:00 PM hour. Buuuuut…

From 5-6PM ET, according to notifications on Twitter’s web interface, there were at least 3 interactions with my ad, but according to their ad results, they did not show my ad once. The ad was also apparently dead during the two hours before and after 5 PM.

What does this tell us? Nothing we don’t already know. Twitter’s numbers are unreliable. But this is the first time they’ve screwed up in a way that benefits me, so I’m not complaining!

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Stormy Daniels

I feel like I should use the word photoshop because that’s the word people understand, but now I’m not actually using photoshop anymore, so I guess we’ll just say this is an image manipulation I made.

I can do this kind of stuff, if you need it.

The birth of Skweeds.


It’s the year 2001, and I’m a computer nerd. I have to make a username and password for every website which sucks.

If my preferred username is taken, I could add some numbers or XoX to the end and get something available, but that looks lame.

If I want a memorable username with no numbers, maybe I should make up a fake word that won’t mean anything to anybody, and then I’ll always have that as my username on every single site.

If someone asks me if I smoke, I think they’re talking about cigarettes. As a 15 year old, I am more naive than I want to admit.

man alive!

Re: Diluting the definition of racism.

Imagine this situation:

Alex doesn’t hate Chinese people, but asks, “Don’t a lot of Chinese people own laundromats?”
Upon hearing this, Chris interjects with, “That’s a racist thing to say, you’re a racist.”

… later, Alex sees a headline proclaiming “Institutional Racism: why it’s our country’s greatest problem.”

What will Alex think now?

After Chris’ chastisement, Alex may just think that institutional racism consists primarily of ‘microaggressions’ and stereotyping.
If cops hear that a suspect works at a laundromat, and they go to Chinatown to look for him, that’s racism? This doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to Alex.

What’s next for Alex?
Will Alex become more or less ‘racist’ after Chris’ intervention?
Will Alex think that alleged ‘racist’ cops are truly a threat?
Will Alex be more or less likely to want to learn about different cultures?

Letter to Waste Connections TN

(Websites that allow you to contact them often use text forms in the pages themselves, so there’s often no record of your email. So I’m going to start posting pastes of the emails I write so that I have those records here)

Hi, I recently purchased a new house and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the trash pickup.

I’m not sure if my house is in the city or the county, it’s hard to tell from the maps because I think I’m right near the border.

You all have picked up my garbage one or two times, but I don’t know if that’s just remaining from the previous owners’ account.

What do I need to do to get the account for my house set up in my name? What is the cost?