Re: Diluting the definition of racism.

Imagine this situation:

Alex doesn’t hate Chinese people, but asks, “Don’t a lot of Chinese people own laundromats?”
Upon hearing this, Chris interjects with, “That’s a racist thing to say, you’re a racist.”

… later, Alex sees a headline proclaiming “Institutional Racism: why it’s our country’s greatest problem.”

What will Alex think now?

After Chris’ chastisement, Alex may just think that institutional racism consists primarily of ‘microaggressions’ and stereotyping.
If cops hear that a suspect works at a laundromat, and they go to Chinatown to look for him, that’s racism? This doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to Alex.

What’s next for Alex?
Will Alex become more or less ‘racist’ after Chris’ intervention?
Will Alex think that alleged ‘racist’ cops are truly a threat?
Will Alex be more or less likely to want to learn about different cultures?